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Corporate Profile

Mission Statement:

The tiered Management of Mine Site Construction Services displays a strong and enduring ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with delivered solutions being the underlying pillar of our corporate governance commitment to our customers and community.

MSCS offers professional, competitive contracting services to metropolitan, regional, remote and international clients.  These clients comprise some of the largest resource, mining and energy services, industrial and development organisations, in both the Government and private sectors.

We are dedicated to ensuring our Environmental, Social and Sustainability commitments, through our core values, in the way we conduct our business.

The Company maintains an operational construction presence Statewide, currently active in all major regional State centres and notably in the Pilbara in key infrastructure development projects.

MSCS is completely resourced with permanent professional staff, including supporting engineers, in addition to heavy earthmoving, mining and associated construction equipment.

The Company has an ongoing established relationship with essential key industry consultants, engineering associates and advisors to allow maximising the delivery of its professional services to our clients.